2012. március 2.

beret 10+1

Reflekt Studio was founded on a principle that architecture as a humanitarian action with a responsibility of the environmental justice and social inclusion. The development of the built environment in order to improve the general quality of living keeping in mind the sustainability are one of the main focus points of our research connected with economical viability. The other issue is to encourage current and future generations to actively engage in research into and implementation of new sustainable and humanitarian perspectives in the built environment. The research method; learn-by doing is project based.
Beret10+1 was carried out a village in Hungary with 300 residents. The socio –economical status of the community is very low. 90% of the habitants are roma, 95% of them are unempoyed. They are suffered from environmental hazards such as flood and underflow.
The concept of the project mainly follow from the definition of environmental justice; the access to justice in environmental related matters by building capacity for 10 families who have suffered from environmental hazards such as flood or underflow.
By the second stage a public water facility to the Community House was built using local resources. The pavilion includes four main parts; bio-toilettes, kitchen access, a sanitary and a shower. The design of the building had been improved with students from the architectural department of the Art and Design University in order to bring social aspect into the architectural education. Moreover, due to the multidisciplinary approach, the team of the project includes professionals from the different fields such as sociology, economics, education and environmental sciences.
The social sustainability strategy is the active participation of the local people or rather sharing the responsibility. In a family based social space it was crucial to involve next to men, the mothers and children also organizing a summer-school.
The plan of the next year is finishing the Community House and develop the research with consequences of the empirical cases. Beret is the first stage of a long term research and social architectural initiative in cooperation with universities, architects and local people.
The current conclusion of Beret10+1 is that architecture how can be one of the main tools to achieve security. The role of the architect is expanding; being a bridge between disciplines help to implement actions aimed at sustainability of the social, environmental and economic.